Clients & Partners

Erasmus Taal Centrum

Erasmus Taalcentrum

Working with Het Erasmus Taalcentum in Jakarta (ETC) is always a pleasure, that has resulted in interesting projects and assignments such as the "Een minuut Nederlandse Taalles", a series of short video animations that explain the basics and practices of the Dutch Language, and recently Citybooks Jakarta that integrates and bring literature, photography, video and audiobooks to a whole new level.

Netherlands Embassy in Jakarta

Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands

With grants from the Netherlands Embassy in Jakarta various cultural projects have been realized such as: photography assignments, exhibitions, book publications and recently an online quiz game "Kota Tua Jakarta" and Citybooks-Jakarta in collaboration with Indonesian and partners abroad.

L'Oreal P.T. Yasulor Indonesia


L'Oreal P.T. Yasulor Indonesia is the largest company, the brand owns in Southeast Asia region. Located in East Jakarta this branch office is responsible for the manufacturing and distribution of L'Oreal beauty products in the Southeast region. We developed animation/ doodle induction videos for the recruiment and training of new employees, describing the various stages of working at this wellknown company.

Asian Leadership Centre


For the Asian Leadership Centre (ALC), we developed a comprehensive website, video company profile and housestyle designs to promote and enhance the company's corporate identity. We came up with some creative idees that define the meaning of coaching, education and leadership programs as the main expertise and reputation ACL maintains towards their stakeholders and clients.

Erasmus Huis

Erasmus Huis Jakarta

The Erasmus Huis in Jakarta is the cultural centre of the Netherlands Embassy and a long term client, partner in the field of strengthening mutual relationships between Indonesia and the Netherlands. Over the years this shared interest became starting point for collaboration, from designing promotion materials, video recordings, exhibitions to the development of digital apps that have an educational character.

De Buren

De Buren

The Flemish-Dutch House deBuren (“the neighbors”) presents beauty and wisdom of the Low Countries, and offers a platform for debate about culture, science, politics and the society in Flanders, The Netherlands and Europe. It is a place where artists, journalists, academics and politicians get the opportunity to voice their thoughts. De Buren as initiator of citybooks-Jakarta, Spotlight is collaborating in the execution of the project.



The Royal institute of Southeast Asean (KITLV) and its representative office in Jakarta, is a known for its unique collection of historical documentation in particular old photographs that go since the period Jakarta was named Batavia. For this reason cultural heritage shared by both countries Indonesia and Netherlandse became starting point for commissioned work that range from book publications, catalogues, and exhibitions that emphasize mutual collaboration and relations.

Butch and Sundance

Butch and Sundance

Butch & Sundance are the non-violent cowboys. Our aim is to contribute to a peaceful and sustainable society. We believe in the power of storytelling and serious gaming as one of the key factors to get there. The opportunity of working together with Butch and Sundance for a documentary game about Indonesian roots and background was an unforgettable journey. A travel in time where childhood memories and the lost of a homeland became the common ground for father and daughter.