Creative Crew

Spotlight New MediaSpotlight's digital crew are a young team of creative individuals who all share the same passion for "crazy" ideas and visual concepts. "Thinking out of the Box" and doing things in different ways sets us apart from the rest. Largely all our products are based on innovation with a signature style such as: "Spot Animations", "One Minutes" and "360 Photography".

Tino Djumini

Tino DjuminiTino is founder and director of Spotlight New Media who divides his time managing daily operations and working behind the computer. Creating websites, digital apps, editing video, almost anything what is digital becomes art. Besides his work at Spotlight New Media Tino is a teacher a "full time dad" and "home chef" who likes to play chess and making dinner for the family.

Mirna Marini D. Arifin

Mirna ArifinMirna's passion for motion pictures emerged at early age as she loved watching tv series and works by Indonesian film makers like Arifin C. Noor, Sumanjaya and Usmar Ismael besides masters like Alfred Hitchkock, Bernardo Bertolucci and Martin Scorcese. Mirna joined Spotlight New Media as an associate writer and producer with a focus on documentaries.

Rachmat Rizal (Jalu)

JaluJalu is our InHouse animation and motion graphic specialist, with a passion for coffee, comics, cats and vespa's. He is a part time teacher at the Institute of Arts in Jakarta (IKJ) and a full time animation artist who prefers to draw handmade animations frame by frame.

Siti Khodijah

Spotlight New MediaSiti Khodijah is Visual Communication Design student. Vintage, classic, and elegant style are her favorite. Also this style becomes an inspiration in creating the design. She keeps learning in order to expand her knowledge and skill in design and keep doing great works for the future.