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A large number of projects Spotlight has carried out were funded and made possible through own financial contributions and resources. "Soul of Autism", "Jaga Jarak" and "Arts in Motion" are projects that express a social cultural message and proven to be successful. Not only do these initiatives function as an online community platform that balances the interest of mainstream media in Indonesia but also as an independent "voice" that addresses social topical issues to a broad audience. Feel free and pledge your support for a project!

Arts in Motion

a series of short documentaries that tell about the daily life, and practices of contemporary Indonesian artists. Men, women, old, young, upcoming and renowned....



a documentary in the form of a visual poem that centers around the daily life of various Indonesian communities. The importance of water in all it's beauty and strength....


If you have any questions or maybe a project in mind? Or just looking for like minded people? Please send us an E-mail. Or you can contact us through the Live Chat. We hope to hear from you soon.